Cartoon Monkeys

Animated Cartoon Monkeys

Talk about FUN!!!

You will never get bored while waiting for your computer to finish some task again!!

While your PC is printing or downloading or whatever, this hilarious and mad Cartoon Gorilla will keep you entertained.

"Tee Cee" is a rare Variety of Blue Gorilla that like to live on your desktop andhave fun with you.

This madcap Cartoon Gorilla will make your desktop come alive and be far more itneresting than any boring old wallpaper!!

Tee Cee the Cartoon Monkey will put a smile on your face and keep it there all day long..

Download the free trial!!

What does Tee Cee the Cartoon Monkey do?

What don't he do would be a better question!!

This Gonzo Gorilla will ape it up all over your desktop.

TeeCee is an interactive cartoon character who lives on your Windows desktop. TeeCee reacts if you touch him or move him around the screen with your mouse. If you leave him alone, he will amuse himself and entertain you in the process.

TeeCee's animation contains over 100,000 individual hand drawn cells. His production involved the use of 11 full time and numerous part time animators plus 7 post production and programming staff. An incredible 30,000 working hours over 10 months were spent developing and completing TeeCee's animation alone!

You will absolutely love TeeCee and, after all, every computer desktop needs a Blue Gorilla!

So, what are you waiting for???

The download is FREE and has NO TIME LIMIT. If you want heaps more animation, TeeCee's registered version is only $19.95.

Go on, have some fun. Animate your PC today.

Get the Free Download Now!!

Oh, I should also mention that Tee Cee has some cool desk mate friends who are looking for a desktop home too..

Animated Cartoon Monkeys

The most fun to hit your desktop!! But the best part is you don't even have to take my word for it, there is a free download available for you to try out for as long as you want (it has only a limited number of animations), and the download is availalbe for all of the different DeskMates.

So why are you still here!?! Go and grab your free version now!!!

Get the Free Download Now!!


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